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Chameleon Profile tab
By selecting a specific browser (ex Win 10 - Firefox 74), your browser will use that browser's user agent, accept-encoding headers, navigation properties and if selected, screen resolution properties.


If a certain profile causes issues for you, you can exclude it from being used with a random profile option. If there are no profiles that can be used (you excluded everything), your browser profile will not be spoofed.

Random Profiles

You can select a specific profile to use with all sites, or use the random profile options (desktop, profile, either).

When using a random browser profile, you can choose how often to change your profile. There is a custom interval opton so that you can specify the interval range.

For example, if you want to use Random Profile (Desktop), your profile will be a browser on Windows, macOS, or Linux and the screen resolution (if you select the "profile" option) will be a desktop resolution.


If you'd like to use a profile with a specific website, check out the whitelist section.